Sunday, December 16, 2007

Are we in Kansas?

It feels like a tornado is about to send our little home into Oz!! My landlord suffered leaks and now some pretty strong winds are pounding against our windows. Ahh the pitfalls of living near the ocean I suppose.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grinch mood

Hard to get into the spirit of things when there are finals to worry about... This has nothing to do with Gravesend but I felt like sharing.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dubious Herstory

Apparently the house that stands on 27 Gravesend Neck Road opposite Gravesend Cemetery is Lady Deborah Moody's. I find it hard to believe that the house could survive hundreds of years when the neighborhood has changed so much and the house itself has passed through so many hands. I found this New York Times article from 2003 reporting on the current owners trying to give the home historical landmark status. I tried finding something more current but I guess the petition never made it.

Slow news month

Every time I log on to this site I keep seeing the same bit of news about that love triangle gone awry. Isn't there anything else that has been happening in Gravesend?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cinema history in Gravesend

I was curious to know what studios were in the area after I read the New York Times story (see previous post) and I found an article on Vitagraph Studio which existed more than a hundred years ago. It was acquired by Warner Brothers in the 1920s and today is the Shulamite School for Girls. Across the street on 1268 East 14th Street is JC Studios, built by Warner in the 1920s as well. Today As the World Turns is filmed there. Technically the area is not Gravesend, I thinks its Midwood but its pretty interesting. For cool photos and a more in deph look check the site out.

"If you're thinking of living in Gravesend"

This is the title of an August 16, 1986 feature in the New York Times.

Some interesting facts listed:

- School children corresponded with children from Gravesend, England and they even exchanged basketball teams.

- Bill Cosby filmed a television show on East 1268 East 14th Street.

- One family homes sold for $200,000!

Interesting to get a glimpse of the old neighborhood.